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Not just that. The environment itself is another factor. Is your school well-staffed? Is your strength in an area without vacancies? Check with your RO if you are eligible to consider LH/SH or ST-ship. While they cannot tell you your CEP explicitly, they can at least tell you what their assessment of your readiness is.

If you really think you are ready, then take the courage for cross-level deployment or open posting to a school with needs and the vacancy.

It takes courage and ACTION on your part as well to change the status quo.
Thanks for the advice. After years of being a HOT, I feel tired and lack the courage and confidence to take up more responsibilities and find myself having a lot of contradicting thoughts about what I truly want from this job. I have children and the job does take me away from them. My school has many FAJTs and the number keep increasibg. Many teachers left full time teaching the last few years to the point FAJTs are asked to take up FTship (in lieu of a teaching class) while the KP estab has stayed stable and ST count increased. KPs do say there is a lot of work but they seem to be hanging on to their roles.
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