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One of the sorriest things is how the poverty of leadership has affected staff. I work with IMDA on a near-daily basis and the sheer panic I hear in the voices of grown men needing to appease 'The Man' are such that I don't know whether to laugh or weep.

I can feel the abject terror radiating over the wires through my Skype chats, and every casual question about a piece of work is met with a pregnant pause as IMDA colleagues do some mental gymnastics to try and fathom if what they're going to tell me will land them in purgatory. These are mostly decent people I am dealing with, so it's a real pity to see them reduced to jelly at the thought of 'The Man' (an epithet which already sent my eyes rolling to the back of my head).

This culture of fear is patently unhealthy and I'm not sure what keeps many IMDA staff going. From what I know, the hours are long, and respect for staff is in short supply. I expect it's the relatevely decent pay, but even so, my sympathies.
PSD refuse to sack The Man (more like The Flop) because they need to justify the thousands of taxpayer monies used to fund his education and salary.

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