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"Up there" university?? lol Unless u are an Ivy League grad, or a local uni grad(NUS, SMU, NTU) with solid academic results (with that I mean DEANS list/first / second upper class), then you are really "up there" . If you wanna get into Big 4 from a private uni, to be honest, chances are really slim.. cos they usually get local grads OR people with solid experience.

I just graduated from UOL program .. took mine on a part time basis... in short.. im in banking for 4 years now..i actually took the general BSC Business route... the sad truth is, private companies just want you to have a basic degree, RMIT/UOL/ UOW/ UB are all the same.

Accounting OR Economics, it depends on your interest, if you're from JC, then you wont have any big problems with Economics route.. In any case, you can always switch course after first year (assuming you dont have exemptions) cos first year are foundation units year, you take maths, stats, principles of accounting and intro to economics.. if youre still unsure, drop by SIM student office at level 2, main atruim where the reception is, the student officers may be able to provide more info.

At the end of the day, it depends alot on your interest...
Good luck!

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