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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
girls who do audit age the fastest.
i've seen fresh grad from youthful xmm become auntie in 5 years. she is barely 27 but look like in mid 30s liao.

end up her bf leave her for younger looking blood or older girls who look younger than her.
thats what audit do to you girls. and as you know majority of auditors are girls like 70%.

when i join audit, i thought wow so many girls so happy. but after awhile u realize most of them look like zombie. so did i, and overtime my taste in girls deteriorated until any ugly girl in office also look pretty. not so important is i get to bed many of these ugly ducklings colleagues for cheap thrill. some of them have bf even. now looking back, i feel very cringe because i once upon a time settled for ugly ducklings
then I must say you lack foresight. girls who managed to become partner / SM one day will have the financial ability to reverse their looks through cosmetics and skincare products.

those that are youthful in your opinion now, may not have the financial ability to do so when their biological age catch up on that.

jokes on you
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