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Default After 7 years

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Both 40s with combined ~195k
Cash - $210k
CPF - $541k
Investment - $202k
Fully paid 4-room HDB
Fully paid COE car
30% downpayment made 4 $1.1m condo
~~after 7 years ~~

Both 47 now with 2 kids (14 & 16).
combined income ~288k
Cash - $615k
CPF - $820K
Investment (Stock, unit trust, etc) - $374k
SRS (invested in SSB) - $134k
Full paid 4-room HDB (value at $470k)
4-bedroom condo (value @1.8+m, outstanding loan 300k)
Networth: ~3.9m
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