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I am thinking of education/admin track. Just that I am not sure if you need fcfp for these tracks in private sector.
Admin- perhaps MBA/mph more useful esp in private sector?
Education - can always email college or nus/ntu to apply as tutor. Also not sure if fcfp is needed.

Just thinking as you don't want to be doing degree for the sake of it. (You want to ensure that it is relevant and useful to your eventual end goal.)
My end goal is to take on some administrative responsibilities with a large gp group- be it something small like physician lead, pcn team lead, or more advanced roles like deputy/medical director in the medium-long term (if I am deemed capable enough of course) + perhaps do some teaching on the side (maybe with the college as a gdfm/mmed tutor or as a ntu/nus tutor for e.g)
private where got education track?
u go teach with colleague is own time own target one. not counted in your work.
u want take NTU/ NUS student , just email them. Year 3 student on their FM rotation attach to you for 1 week. But to be honest, no time to teach properly one.

in private FCFP no use one la. Only raffles have 2 or 3 FCFP and in the words of their medical director -> this is so that we can sit at the tables with the big boys to participate in policy discussion. In private , money talks. You bring in the revenue, u are good. Nothing else matter. Just MBBS, if u can somehow see 150 patient a day and everyone gets billed 100 bucks and leave happy, confirm u will be happy with your end end bonus ( at which point, u better just open your own clinic liao -> 15K revenue a day, ahaha)

u want real education/ admin track, stay in public.
private only has one real track -> make money track.
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