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At one point in my MO life I was getting very burned out and finally came to the conclusion that I didn't want to do the specialty I'd been aiming at since med school. Switched to a completely different specialty altogether and it's made all the difference for me. Much better fit for me in terms of personality, interest, job scope, etc. Not without its challenges, but was definitely the right move for me.

Just mentioning this as I never considered an alternative specialty until I had a talk with a senior I respect/trust about career options and choices and this was a suggestion that came out of that talk.

Now that I'm a bit older I know quite a few people who have changed their choice of specialties/subspecialties or eventually decided not to go down the specialist route, and they generally seem happy with their decision.

Hope things get better for you, sometimes it's just a matter of getting through a bad posting and things might look better once you're in another posting...
Just don't do Fam Med can liao.

Pass exams already but the knowledge is unusable since GP patients are simple and OPS no time to see at specialist level anyway.

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