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Can I ask the seniors here, where would be a good place, outside of ops/CH, to practice fm, so that one does not lose the knowledge gained from completing mmed?

I have been looking around and locuming at various gp groups, but most seem to be very corporate in nature, or simply just seeing acute self limiting conditions.

I don't like ops, but I do enjoy seeing chronic patients, potentially also looking at home care in the long run, but was wondering if there are any good places to practice in?

I am looking at fmc, but they don't seem to be hiring now.
transition care
try FMCC at SGH or CGH or the FM department at TTSH
alternatively you can do outpatient work at St luke.

u can also setup your own clinic and offer the full suite of chronic care like OPS. But likely cannot make money.

but ah, dun get too proud with a la.
beginning only my padawan

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