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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You FCFP one ah. I MMed only.

It's true la. OPS patients really sian. It's like pay for Hotel 81 but expect Capella.

Wanna do proper medicine like MMed/FCFP means killing yourself only. After all, complexity doesn't factor into your KPI, it's how many you see per hour. In a sense, no different from private GP, so why not see just as many but only ARI/MSK/Derm?

That said 8-5 and 24 days AL is hard to beat elsewhere. But agree Sat really sucks balls. Who decided that we still need to work 5.5 days when everyone else is 5 day week liao.

End of the day, choose your poison lo.

Like everyone else, I encourage you all to stay away from primary care. Waste your time only. The local system doesn't actually reward you being a proper family physician. OPS doesn't give you enough time, and in private... Well, if you don't antibiotics your URTI then how to keep clinic going? No money and patient buay song.
URTI mostly viral. Antibiotics use will promote antibiotic resistance.

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