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I am looking for constructive advices. Appreciate a million. Below are my details:

Academic: Local Uni Engineering Grad + Local Uni Masters (one of the top 3 uni)
Job history:
In sales line for ~10years till 2020
2020-2023 - took a full-time masters that lasted 2.5 years
2022-Sep 2023 held a market research job for 1 year
Age: late 30s
Industry sector: non-IT/non-Finance

I did apply actively and even applied outside of my industry but to no avail.
Hmm before you took the master did you consider what u had wanted to do after u graduate and how ur masters would help in that? 2.5yrs full time is of very high opportunity cost and the master may or may not do any benefit to your career prospect as it's very much dependent on things like what had ur experience been, whether ur master built on top of that, and whether what u r looking for now is looking for that.

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