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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
a few dumb, shallow questions ahead:

i'm starting TC soon at a&g and i'm starting to shop for clothes and stuff, haha. for context, i'm a woman.

1. how's the dresscode like? is it long sleeves and pencil skirt or more casual?

2. same for shoes - must we wear closed toe shoes or are shoes with toes showing okay?

3. are we expected to bring the laptop to and fro from work everyday? or do people generally leave their laptop at work?

4. how cold is the office LOL do women generally bring a jacket?

5. is it common for women to bring two pairs of shoes - heels to wear when going out etc, flats to wear at desk?
1. It's ok to dress like an intern at the start (white blouse + black skirt) especially if you are in litigation. You can start to get creative / fashionable once you get a sense of how your teammates dress.

2. Closed toe recommended.

3. The laptop is your baby. Bring it everywhere you go.

4. Yes, it can be fairly cold.

5. Yes, very common.
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