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Originally Posted by frascrust View Post
I joined my current company in Apr 2011 as a sales support and at the end of the year during assessment, I was not given any salary increment at all! Though the company made some profit, rather than loss.
Is this normal not to have any increment at all without any specific reason, there isnt any economic recession last year too..

and my boss said well, you will have increments from next year onwards at a rate of 2% to accomodate the inflation rate.... THAT's ALL! So no matter how long I work and how hard in this company, my pay will only increase peanuts of 2% each year...
Is this justifiable? Do you get motivated in a company that has no increments?
Your boss is implictly telling you that your job scope is not part of the company core competency, does not add much commercial value. In short, you are easily replaceable by fresh ITE/diploma holders.

Since your boss has no intention to retain you on long run, there is no need to offer you any career advancement.

If the industry is of SME nature and has low startup capital, I would learn everything as much and as fast as i can about the company operations - knows its process, suppliers, customers, competitors. Take this knowledge and start your own business. I have seen many such cases of success in import/export company, small scale manufacturing, f&b, etc

If your industry is dominated by big mnc, then I would go for further studies and apply to work in the top company, and start your climb in the corporate ladder.

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