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Hi Erose,

Just sharing my point of view based on my past experience. The industry is very competitive. And it really also depends on what kind of companies you work for. If you were to work in companies doing animated TV series, they are mostly doing outsourced projects. The budget for these projects are usually quite low and they require large teams of artists to work on it. With so many artists, you can do the maths and know each artist will not get paid much. These companies are good to work for if you are fresh and want to build up your demo reel and experience. But when you have enough experience, and is good enough, you should try for the bigger foreign companies.

It also depends on how hard you want to work and how "passionate" and talented you are. But there will always be a cap on how much an artist can earn here. In order to earn more, you need to move on to lead or supervisory roles.

Another alternative is to go into teaching when you have some years of experience. But to do that, you should aim to work for bigger companies and well known projects. Then, try to teach part-time when you can, to get some teaching experience. At the same time, you can find out if teaching is really for you, since not every good artist can be a good teacher. With a good demo reel, good working and teaching experience, it will be easier for you to move on to full time teaching eventually. Try to get more working experience before you go into teaching. Only then you can command a higher pay.

Oh, if you really want to teach, you should also do a master's degree if you can, it'll probably make you more marketable as a lecturer and give you more bargaining power in terms of salary.

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't share the name of the school.
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