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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Since you are young, I would suggest that you try:

1. Local banks fund management operations like Lion Global, DBSAM or UOBAM. They do recruit local graduates and after a 5-year or so stint there as an analyst, you may be offered a portfolio management position, and in time be able to move to a global buyside house.
2. Work for one of the many hedge funds or family office funds
3. Get a job as a sellside analyst or salesman. Work 18 hr days until you are well-known within the industry. Then, move over to the buyside.
Agree with you, but people who post here want go into investments because of unhappy in their current job, cannot take long hours, think they are too low paid and want to make big bucks fast, want the social prestige as a “banker” or “fund manager” in a global institution.

Your recommendations will not appeal to any of these disgruntled people.

As for why all these average or below average performers think they are qualified to join organizations that only recruit top 0.5% talents is one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe.
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