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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So...GovTech needs talented people but you're telling me somehow in the whole of Singapore, all the talented engineers only exist in Indeed? lmao

If they are so talented then why did the entire SG division get laid off for not delivering value?
The financial sustainability of a business is not correlated to whether its workers deliver value.

The vast majority of newfangled tech "startups" or companies, even those that have managed to raise (a.k.a. hoodwink) hundreds of millions in VC or investor money, have not delivered any sort of value except to a select few first movers and the founders who cashed out. They are merely wealth transference mechanisms. Guess where all these founders moved their money once they cashed out? Into Good Class Bungalows - an asset class that actually provides tangible real world value!

I'm not saying that all SWEs don't deliver value. But lord knows that there are sure a whole lot of them floating around, who don't.
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