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Yah honestly the barriers to entry isnít high. Really, how many audit folks actually jump into investments and corporate banking?

Itís really fp&a, reporting on cash flow, treasury management, group conso - and in smaller companies, this is a single all-in-one function.

Yes we donít do the book keeping ourselves; the AP/AR does it, but we still check.
At the end of the day, itís just hoping to make it past finance manager, into controller and praying one day to be CFO.
very good point. a lot of fp&a roles are just regular accountant roles plus some "adhoc analysis". lots of bosses say they call it fp&a instead of accounting is because people think it's sexier, but the pay is still 3k-5k. that's why lots of accounting/AP/AR roles are "finance analyst" now

i wish our accounting field wasn't this badly paid, accountants in US seems to be making sky high amounts
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