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Having cash as an asset is not a problem. However, having too much cash as an asset potentially is.

Currently, given the high interest rate environment, there are a lot more safe assets that a person can invest in.

Cash is good if you are putting in certain bank accounts like UOB ONE or OCBC 360 which offer relatively high interest provided you meet their criteria. However, there are also higher yielding instruments like T-Bills and money market funds/short-term bonds (even those short-term insurance products) which may give a higher return.

There are also equities, REITs, and other riskier assets which may perform better once the interest rate environment normalises which is just a matter of time.

So, if in current environment, one is putting most of his/her assets in cash (especially if it is all in one bank which SDIC only covers up to 75k per bank), then he/she may not be particularly interested in his/her own personal finance which makes it even harder to be interested in others' financial situation.
I thought the bigger issue is why only $170k cash?

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