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I presume u are doing a Masters in ISE & not bachelor's.

1) An ISE professor once mentioned that if u want a significant pay raise or , an MBA will be more appropriate. If money is not a constraint, go for a MBA (NTU, NUS, Insead, UCB....& nothing else)

2) In terms of entry requirements and quality of students, I do not think other institutions like SUTD comes close.

3) A ISE degree will come in handy if u are in engineering firm working on logistics, supply chain, improvement projects, six sigma. If you are already in the management, you would find the various methodologies useful too. For a while, u may be more sensitive to issues such as efficiency, wholesome thinking, systematic planning, human factors etc.

4) Many of the students are Airforce officers or engineers in the semi-conductor industry. For the latter, technical knowledge such as statistics (Design of experiment), Statistical Process Control, Quality Engineering are imperative.

5) All in all, it is an interesting course and offers a lot of insights which traditional engineering programs do not entail. And u will get to meet engineers from all other disciplines and even people who major in Physics or Humanities at times.

Originally Posted by fabregas View Post
Hi guys, I've been recently offered Instrl and sys engineering in nus.

While i had done some research on the future prospects of the degree, I've got little information on roughly how much industrial engineers/other related jobs earn in the long run.

Also i'm aware of the emergence of SUTD which offered a similiar course (looks quite attractive as well). Due to the nature of demand and supply, I;m concerned about the future of nus post-graduates in this engineering due to increased competition from the new design and engineering uni. Or is the market big enough to support the sudden increase in post-graduates.

Feel free to comment, thanks! =]

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