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itsmeagain, it all depends on you already. You need to display sound technical skills, speaking skills, presentation, writing, bootlicking and balls-carrying skills in varying measures as the situation requires. Even then you need to get senior management to somehow notice that you exist among all the other engineers. You need your boss to groom you instead of take your credit from you.

What it ends up is in you being classified with a high CEP and thus a "high potential" staff who is singled out for further grooming.

Essentially only the top 5-10% will be in this bracket. If you hadn't done well in studies you better hope you do damn well at work (i.e., problem solving skills, prompt and efficient, etc.) to stand out from your peers.

After you've done all that, hope and pray that a scholarship falls your way. Telling your boss that you desire further learning to help with the company's cause might help.
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