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Actual senario in school, base salary,

13 yrs, female, mid-career, GEO5A, 8.5k (increment 5 to 5A was only $200)
4 yrs, female, mid-career, GEO3, 6.1k
4 yrs, male, NIE grad, GEO4, 5.3k
9 yrs, female, HOD, NUS grad, GEO5, about 7k plus (she said it's below 8k)
6 years, male, overseas degree, geo5 6.6k
12 years, male, PGDE, GEO5, 7.4k
11years, male, NIE grad, GEO5 (SH), 7.6k

thank you to everyone contributing to useful data of realistic salaries and pointing out trolled data

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