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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Actual senario in school, base salary,

13 yrs, female, mid-career, GEO5A, 8.5k (increment 5 to 5A was only $200)
4 yrs, female, mid-career, GEO3, 6.1k
4 yrs, male, NIE grad, GEO4, 5.3k
9 yrs, female, HOD, NUS grad, GEO5, about 7k plus (she said it's below 8k)
6 years, male, overseas degree, geo5 6.6k
8 years, female, NIE grad, GEO5, 8.5k
Isn't cap for GEO5 at 8250? how does person number 6 hit 8.5?

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