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I am keen to know if there are folks who have attend trading course conducted by those advertised trading managers and found those tips that are given useful and workable.

Care to share what was the best advice you received ? And what was the "school fees" you paid so far ? And how tips given actually made an improvement to your trading strategy / portfolio.

Frankly, would you also comment if this is due to luck or really increase in your trading skills.
Ironically, these get rich seminars actually benefits the very people selling you the course..
The conducting company earns 100% of the sevaral thousands of dollars training fee you have to pay them.. Meanwhile, whether you can even breakeven/recover your initial monetary investment is a big question mark...... So if you really want to get rich, then be the one to sell the training courses/get-rich tools to hopeful wannbes.. At least, it's a sure win situation for youself....

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