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Toxic Senior Management
10 Apr 2023 - Software Engineer


General staff benefits are good, and work-life balance is better than most of the other government agencies.


The senior management appear to lack concern for the well-being of their staff, particularly those in GDS central. The senior management team in GDS central may come across as kind and friendly, but they true character is far from it. They are solely concerned with impressing their superiors and showcasing the software's capabilities, without regard for the challenges faced by software developers in implementing such features. Despite the impracticality of these demands, they puts immense pressure on the team to deliver, often requiring excessive overtime. Their only concern is saving face, with little regard for anything else.

Another issue is the company's salary policies. When employees have raised concerns about their salaries not being competitive, the senior management dismissed them, citing their salaries as already being too high. It is apparent that this statement only applies to the senior management, who take credit for the work of the software engineers and reap the rewards, such as good grades and high bonuses. Meanwhile, the developers themselves receive mediocre grades and low bonuses, despite their hard work.

It is advised to approach joining Govtech, particularly GDS central, with caution. The senior management team put little regard for their well-being.

Advice to Management

The CE and HR should reconsider their approach to placing individuals in senior management positions.
It seems there are more new glassdoor reviews for the GDS side.
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