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Default Need advice on new job which require me to be posted overseas

Hi everyone, im currently working as an associate engineerin a mnc in a semi connductor industry. Im a diploma holder btw.

Now the situation is im been offered a position by a malaysian relative of mine(im singaporean btw) which require me to be posted to china suzhou for a period of 2 year. He told me my pay package is 7000 rm(~$2800sgd) which already included all the allowance and they will be providing accomodation as well.

My first thought is the pay package is abit on the low side for an oversea posting( anyone can advise on that?). Then i thought about why are they offering my pay package in RM? Are they paying me based on what they paying a malaysian? Anyway i should be expecting an official interview soon, so heres my questions:

•should i ask them why are they paying me by rm? If this is what they are paying a malaysian, should i ask what they are paying a singaporean?
•what other questions should i ask regarding my posting to oversea?

Hope to gain some useful advice here as i really got no idea on how the pay stucture works concerning overseas posting. If u guys need any more info, do inform me.

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