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Thoughts on the Paul Hastings "non-negotiable expectations" slides?

I think that all those people expressing faux-politically-correct outrage online are being hypocrites.

Lawyering is a prestigious profession, so being always on, and on-call 24/7, is a basic requirement that one should have been mentally prepared for when he/she put their name on the law school application. Clients' demands have increased, but there's no reason why our spirit of excellence and turnaround time cannot similarly rise to meet those standards, especially when they are paying top dollar for our services and we are handsomely remunerated for it. The client is always right.

In short, you knew what you signed up for in this profession.

I hope our prestigious, market-leading and award winning local firms like Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP and WongPartnership LLP can similarly provide such incisive guidance to the next generation of young impressionable lawyers.

As a midlevel Big 4 lawyer, I certainly wish that someone had shared these pearls of wisdom with me way back when I was a baby lawyer. To all my Big 4 juniors out there, you're in the big leagues, which is a privilege, so act like it.


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