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May I know what is the standard pay package for an anchor GP in private in a small chain now? Is there aws, bonus and profit sharing? How many days annual leave usually? Standard 14 days MC and 60 days HL right?

Have an interview coming up and would like to know the market rate to better negotiate.
No one can confirm with u bonus and profit sharing one la
Remember , Ur profit sharing means lesser money for the chain owner.
Give u more money, boss this year cannot upgrade BMW liao.
Unless u make a lot of money for him.

MC on paper 14 days.HL 60 days?
U try to take lo.
Every day u MC, the boss has to scramble to find locum or he come work himself
I think u take more than 5 or 6 days ,
All your profit sharing go to pay for locum liao.
Do a few years no job liao.

Market rate?
See Ur skillset lo.
I got offered 17.5k for 44 hours per week with 2 nights and a weekend
It's a super busy clinic, they owner and second doctor, second doctor left to start his own hence opening come up. They see combined at least 150 pat a day and up to 200 during busy times.
Back of envelope cal show I earn 10 bucks per patient I see.

I say no thank you.
Dun want go home a broken soul everyday.

I tell u la. Best is those screening job
10 to 15 pat a day 13k a month.
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