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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Does having covid infection mean no need to take vaccine? I thought the advice is still to take even with infection before?
Sigh. Let me ask you as a dr to dr.
How many patients have you seen who have taken all these "vaccines" and still caught covid?
How many friends and family you know who have taken all these "vaccines" and still caught covid?
We know for a fact that the "vaccines" do NOT prevent transmission. They also wane in their efficacy for various reasons.
They are more like immunotherapy to attenuate the severity when one catches covid.
Plus the recent reports that the vaccine is not without its risks.
Weigh benefits vs risks.
So far the covid infections tend to be milder now.
One has to decide for themselves.
Reality is those who have NOT caught covid will still think they should keep taking the vaccines probably.....forever?
Or quite likely until they also caught covid and ask themselves WTF? I took all the vaccines like they recommend and I STILL caught covid. What for man?

Hey if our MMR vaccine works like covid vaccines don't you think is a joke?
Or Hep B vaccine for HCWs. But can still pass Hep B to patients?

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