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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Finally got a verbal offer after waiting for exactly 5 months. Gonna go down next week to sign offer and start work. Applied late Oct last year.
Hi All, this thread has been helpful and a companion to me for the past 4-5 months. Giving back by sharing my timeline.

Almost identical timeline as OP,
Applied on website in Nov 22
Interview with manager on Dec 22
HR reached out in Jan 23 and asked for documents (G50 and stuff)
Waited for HR to come back with salary info on Feb 23
March 23 - hr came back with final offer and approval
April 23 - going to sign contract next week and start job.

I would say the waiting time for g50 and medical clearance is around 2-3 weeks (and this is not too long and cannot be chased).

The longest (probably caused by slow process from HR) waiting time is the offer package and approval around 3 weeks. Maybe hr has tons of work to do and put mine in the least priority.
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