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Do u youngsters know how to calculate networth? It is yr total assets minus yr total liabilities. It is important that yr networth grows as you get older.

My networth was only S$400k when I was a young MO staying in my EC. After property asset progression, it has grown to S$1.6 million now in my late 40s.
Net worth so basic also people dunno?
$1.6m in sg is not much considering the price of property in sg
Problem is people have to live on very expensive property assets
Cost of housing
Whats your debt to asset ratio?
Debt to equity ratio?
Debt to current assets ratio?

I am late 40s as well. Net worth $3m. Debt free. No mortgage.
All the ratios 0.
My net worth when I was MO living in HDB during SARS was 20k
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