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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi all, I've previously been a silent reader.

I'll share my experience, mid career change, 15 YOE as Dip before going stat board as SUSS PT grad.
3 YOE there and now starting in July as DXO9S.

Had applied a few different roles which is similar to my training/experience, there was one that they emailed me that it was no longer available and asked if I wished to try another role which my experience matches.
Tried that but at the end they said not available again.

Asked some friends, said that it is common that they either internally rotate/promote DXO to fill roles, or convert uniform to DXO and the positions are no longer available.
Different from rejected.

My current role, I applied around May 2022 in Impress.AI. I was contacted to go for interview in Jan 2023, totally forgot about this application.
Went for interview in Feb, contacted for more documents to send via Impress.AI.
Emailed to fill up Gform and separately medical form (I think since non-front line role, no need physical checkup).

Another separate POC contacted to go for security vetting. Took like 2hrs since I had a lot to fill up. Asked everything that can be asked, I feel. But main thing is to be honest and just reveal any past history. Unless you got charged in court, I think should be ok.

About late March get to sign contract. So minus the outlier of applying in May 2022, the process from asked to interview, to signing of contract took me 3 months +

Why I start in July is due to my 3 months notice period.
Hope what I've shared helps others as well.

I've got 2 questions of my own, for those who are able to share.
One, how does one progress from DX9S to 9P?
Two, for security level, is 1 the highest or lowest? I was with another chap who got 1A.
Thanks for sharing - are you comfortable to share the first digit or salary range offered?

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