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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Are you a male which have done NS??

If yes, I think the statboard is going to offer you at least 2.8-3k, if not max 3.1k.

I do have a friend also grad in 2011 in NTU with just a 'pass' in engineering....working in ST engineering @ 3k starting with NS.

Also from other thread, someone who grad in 2008 local university with a 'pass' degree working in mindef @ 3.3k starting.

your 'pass with merit' degree is 1-tier better than the above 2 guy i had mention with just a basic 'pass' degree.

MFA, Mindef and SAF/police jobs are all paid 1 tier higher, so your friend with the $3.3k is most likely to be paid around 3k outside.

Given the fact that TS is a female and because of the non-ns thing, her rightful starting salary should actually be around 2.6 - 2.7k. MFA is quite hard to get into without at least 2:1. She might want to consider applying to Mindef since they're always ever so willing to take in females anyway. Not that its a shoo-in case (there are also highly qualified female applicants around) but she'll stand a higher chance there.
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