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hahahah. like teachers are very marketable. they are not. maybe those who just finished bond from nus, smu etc are. the BAs from NIE much less so. tuition doesnít pay that much for the average, itís an industry with obviously has superstar effect
Ex MOE teacher can charge around $70 or more for sec sch, and at least $100 for math or jc subject.

To hit $7k a month, which is more than what most ordinary teacher earns, just need to work 100h a month, or 25h a week. Roughly 2-3 students every day for 1.5h sessions. Very doable. Just get from agent if doing 1-1. Should be able to scale up to conduct group tution or even tuition classes and earn even more.

Maybe might not earn as much as SLs, but can definitely earn a very comfortable salary given the shorter number of hours put in. Not everyone places thier priorities on money'. Think nowadays all the young teachers have plenty of choices from what I see.
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