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wanna give my experience interviewing at govtech as dba.

first round with HR
candidate self-assessment form, have to rate your own competencies and justify why.
1h agile test - covers agile, kanban, scrum concepts. would say 30%-40% are conceptual, the rest are situational. Will give you a situation on the concepts, then ask you what should be the right choice.
second round with interviewer - 1 week after first round
case study given 1 hour before the interview timing. interview about 40mins, first 30 mins about your own experience, interviewer will drill down into details about your experience. last 10 minutes about case study, freeflow dont have to follow the questions.
Successful interview notification
Verbal Offer
Official offer

all in all about 5 weeks in total. turnaround time for each stage is about 1 week, first apply -> first round -> interview -> successful interview etc
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