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I wouldn't say it's a scam but people with various qualifications are always needed in any society. Note that the degrees in local unis are always catered towards some sort of labour market gap/demand. You don't see any degrees in archaelogy or anthropology in sg unis do you? SG needs arts grads to be journalists, administrators, teachers, writers, hr managers etc. The only reason why people are clamouring for business degrees now (even to the extent of going after degrees offered by questionable and dodgy institutes) is the whole sexy image of the banking and finance lifstyle. These are the people who will be in for the real shock of their lives. (1 thing that B&F is not what they expected it to be, and 2 more imptly their qualifications might not guarrantee them that coveted job.) not the local uni grad. after all the civil service tends to soak up local uni grads like a sponge.
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