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Consistent 80 hours per week for many teachers are unbelievable. 16 hours per weekday unless working over weekend. You are not allowed to stay too late in school unless exceptional case such as event etc.

16 x 40 marking loads dont make sense. Unless you are teaching 16 different courses. You mark based on per exam per class.

Dont try to exaggerate that teachers are one of the hardest teaching job. Many industry also have long working hours.

If manpower is an issue, it should be raised to management as it affects production. You dont expect a teacher to take more than he/she can handle.
Who said anything about work being restricted to weekdays? It is normal for teachers to spend 12h in school, get chased out by the school attendant, and continue work at home. Usually will stay back to mark homework that are in workbooks, unless you want to lug home the thick pile of workbooks.

16X40 marking load don't make sense, but they are actually happening. E.g. 16 full classes of compulsory subjects like SS, Art, Music etc, where contact time is 1h a week. And since you only see them once a week, therefore need to give weekly homework too. Usually HODs will set a minimum number of graded work they want to see during file checks.

Be assured that the issue has been raised many times, in many schools. But management either repeat HQ's line that manpower is in excess, or give excuses that they can't find any replacement.

There are schools which had to hire vendors to deliver the lessons, because they don't have teachers.

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