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Hi, I have been offered the TAP program and would like advice on which PODs are recommended as I have to list my top 3 preferences. From what I understand, the POD I am in will determine whick track I will end up on, as a Consulting Development Analyst for the consulting track and Business and Integration Arch Analyst for the tech track.

I'm currently studying biz and accting and don't have much tech or coding skills besides basic python and project management softwares but I don't mind learning some transferrable tech skills so I was thinking of 1. Business analysis 2. Change Management, 3. Software Platforms. 1, 2 are under consulting track and 3. is under tech track. The other PODS are security, cloud engineering and delivery lifecycle management.

Given my background, I am leaning towards consulting track but am open to exploring tech track. Not too sure if there are significant differences in terms of WLB, career progression and pay.
hi, can u share more about ur interview/application timeline? thanks

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