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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Don't bluff la. Every division also need a software team..
But every division also just hire 1software guy and basically throw erbrything from excel to macro to xcripgd to printer.

Then there is a software division that doesn't have enough contracts of jobs or orders to justify hiring a big team of software people....

This place is really not good for tech people.
Honestly after working here for years I wouldn't even all this a tech company or software company...
Or even an engineering company...

Feels like its more of a project management, if outsource company... Everything is basically outsourced to some other party.... The people are just managers... Take money from one party. Channel to another party...

Keep the difference as profit....
Your experience with the management was exactly how the division I knew worked. Not software trained, no idea how software works but expect software to work miracle to solve all the issues, no matter being hardware, software or design issues.

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