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Default Not in singapore

I graduated with an engineering degree from the states. Highly passionate about it. But decided not to practise engineering when i returned to sgp after graduating. Realised Pay is crap, work is dull, career prospects non existent

Engineers in the silicon valley work on developing core products. You can be sure that engineers at places like google apple etc are very well paid. Im guessing richard the german automobile engineer probably worked on core product engineering for a bmw or daimler chrysler.

What do engineers in sgp do? For most part, they keep the mfg lines running, or maybe do system integration and deployment of products developed elsewhere. How much can someone expect to make doing somethig like this?

Was it the right decision for me not to practice engineering in sgp? Absolutely. I wld probably be making a third of what i make now if i had gone into engneerng here
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