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You got lucky and now you say engineers got bad salaries because they suck. You are too arrogant. It's not as simple as just opening up and moving out of Singapore when lots of highly skilled westerners are moving away from their high-unemployment countries to Asia.

If you are really good, I challenge you to start an engineering company here and hire only Singaporeans. Pay them well if they are good.

Singapore came in 2nd in the International Mathematical Olympiad, just behind the hugely populous China. We do have technical talent and people who work very hard and willing to "open up and venture out", so help give us opportunities instead of just saying we suck.

Start a company here and pay us good salaries if we are good.

Challenge issued. Peace.

Unfortunately Singapore is not meant to be an engineering hub. Our small size, high cost, and numerous constraints environmental standards makes it hard for engineering firms to be effective.

I do agree that Asians are really fantastic in what they do. I have a few Chinese engineers and they are much better in work than I did. But like most Singaporeans, they lacked the charisma and networking required.

And no, the proportion of Singaporeans who are motivated is surprisingly low. If you catch up on the news these days you would have realized that. This generation of Singaporeans complain a lot, refuses to work hard. You fight for pay, fight for great welfare, but when asked to deliver work, you deliver substandard work.

Let me bring in this example to prove my point. This is from a local business consultancy publication. When asked to develop some algorithms for a software company in Singapore, a team of Singaporeans did a decent job in a week, A team of Indian nationals did so in two days. And that's possible because they stayed back and work after office hours to do their work, and they had laser-like focus. Surprisingly, the work by indian nationals are better too.

Hiring purely Singaporean is not the best of policies. I would rather have a team of Indians and Chinese nationals than Singaporeans. We are all Asians, but on demographics, they fare much better than us, they are more motivated, they complain lesser. I regret that your challenge is impracticable, and I admit losing your challenge with the above-mentioned reasons.

People will definitely pay you well IF you are good. My guess is you are not. My counterpart in our automobile company did not head to Germany like i did and he stayed in Singapore due to family commitments. He's a charming and intelligent engineer, graduating with first class honors. He hopped around different industries and today he's really successful too, commanding six digit salary presently. There are a few engineers in this forums that command six digits salary too in their thirties. You guys refuses to believe them. You call them liars. I'm going to say it's possible. They are real. Engineering no matter how socialist you put it, is still rather meritocratic to some levels. It will always be in the company's best interest to pay you ten grand more every month for you to stay and help the company if you are really excellent.


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