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i've accepted 4k offer from the polytechnic.
I am currently a senior lecturer at one of the polytechnics and have been in this role for slightly more than 10 years. Speaking from my own experience, I think promotion (i.e. moving to the next IPS) comes about once every 5 years if your progression is smooth.

However, I have seen colleagues who longer to attain promotion (there are also some who has no promotion since god knows how long). So I guess a lot depends on your performance which means you need to build your own portfolio, such as industry projects or developing CET programmes. Just being good at teaching alone is seldom enough.

To answer your second question on salary, I guess an average of $200-$300 increment each year is a realistic expectation, assuming you don't get stuck at any IPS grade. You can get a slightly higher increment on the year of your promotion (about $400-500).

You can use this to predict how your salary will be like in 5 to 10 years time. But as I mentioned earlier, a lot depends on your performance.
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