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Originally Posted by jimiraton View Post
I don't really think that it is as bad as it sounds, they do a good job.
That is right, all swimsuits contain polyester, and who cares if it is a new one or recycled? It is the same material. Clothes made from plastic waste also help reduce CO2 emissions. This is due to the reduced process using already manufactured recycled products. In short, reusing these products is better for the environment than making raw materials from scratch. Additionally, it reduces the need to remove plastic through alternative recycling methods.

Using plastic bottles instead of virgin plastic to make clothes reduces the amount of plastic in the environment and uses less energy. For example, it takes a lot of heat to make pure polyester, the two main components of which are carbon and ethylene (a petroleum derivative). I would also order these swimsuits if I didn't order swimsuits for women from earlier

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