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Originally Posted by theonethatgotaway View Post
@ Unregistered, 11:19 PM: No, I'm a female. Yes, I think working with stat board/government might provide me somewhat higher pay because I compared myself with my friends, colleagues and market rate, seemed like I'm quite lowly-paid for my qualifications, although I do not deny that the industry, experience and job scope play a role in determining one's salary. Thank you for your clarification.

@ Unregistered, 12:05 AM: What makes you think I'm not doing jobs that work towards that career? The current job I have and the one offered by the stat board are of similar business and industries and both will bring me to where I want to eventually end up along the career ladder. Only difference is one is NGO and the other, a stat board with possibly higher pay doing somewhat similar jobs. I'm now fussing over the pay as my tuition fee loan bills finally came in just last night and I am doing budgeting. Every hundred dollars count when you're earning this much and living in such an expensive city with large thousands of student loans in debt. " No wonder employers prefer FTs even when they can't speak or write decent English. " - The current job I'm holding requires me to meet all sorts of people, draft letters and make presentations to big companies and Ministries on a daily basis, so if that FT cannot speak or write decent English, (s)he'll struggle.

@ Unregistered, 6:05 AM: Thank you. That simple explanation was clear and concise.

Basically, I can't help wondering why pay so much for university studies only to end up being paid at a low rate afterwards such that I'm even struggling to pay off my tuition debt.
Well, it will be worst if you don't have a degree.. Well the only consolation is that your basic starting salary is at least higher than diploma holders earning 1.8k without a degree...
the low salary you are getting now is bacause your are working in a industry that doesn't pay well..
If you are really after money.. You might want to consider a career switch into banking & finance dealing with sales or investments ..
But it might mean that you have to take on another student loan to do a finance-related qualification this time.... Since you're still young, you still have the time to make a career switch... If you don't, you just have to accept what your industry can offer you...
I agree that some University programs are just scams to milk the unknowing freshmen of their school fees.. I'm sure the Arts faculty did not warn the students during enrolment of the poorer remuneration and prospect after graduation when compared with other professions.. The Arts faculty staffs themselves are also trying to survive by making sure the rate of enrolment into the Arts programs is maintained so that they can keep their jobs.... It's a scam to deceive those who are uninformed... They themselves could be victims.. so they are just doing their part to share the bad karma...
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