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@ Unregistered, 11:19 PM: No, I'm a female. Yes, I think working with stat board/government might provide me somewhat higher pay because I compared myself with my friends, colleagues and market rate, seemed like I'm quite lowly-paid for my qualifications, although I do not deny that the industry, experience and job scope play a role in determining one's salary. Thank you for your clarification.

@ Unregistered, 12:05 AM: What makes you think I'm not doing jobs that work towards that career? The current job I have and the one offered by the stat board are of similar business and industries and both will bring me to where I want to eventually end up along the career ladder. Only difference is one is NGO and the other, a stat board with possibly higher pay doing somewhat similar jobs. I'm now fussing over the pay as my tuition fee loan bills finally came in just last night and I am doing budgeting. Every hundred dollars count when you're earning this much and living in such an expensive city with large thousands of student loans in debt. " No wonder employers prefer FTs even when they can't speak or write decent English. " - The current job I'm holding requires me to meet all sorts of people, draft letters and make presentations to big companies and Ministries on a daily basis, so if that FT cannot speak or write decent English, (s)he'll struggle.

@ Unregistered, 6:05 AM: Thank you. That simple explanation was clear and concise.

Basically, I can't help wondering why pay so much for university studies only to end up being paid at a low rate afterwards such that I'm even struggling to pay off my tuition debt.
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