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Lousy Cs get sacked age 30, even worst

tell that to the thousands of twitter employees who earned 150k+ in LCOL areas while doing 2 hours of work a day since 2019 and got fired in 2022 with 6 months severance package LOL they earned more than any of us with 1/4 of the work they did.

What's even funnier is that with a big name like Twitter on their resume, they can hop to any big tech company, do maybe 2/4 of work this time instead of 1/4 and earn close to their last drawn salary or higher.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
"Help people" means wat?
I also see insurance agent say they very happy help people
Make sure they are covered if get sick. Family is covered if
Something happen to them.
Lawyer also help people.
Financial advisor also help people plan for retirement
Property agent also help people find homes
Nurse also help people
Maid also help people cook wash and care
You think only dr then can "help people"?
I meant helping as in "saving" lives.

sorry if that wasn't clear.
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