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I don't get it. Is working weekend and evening shifts really that bad? If total amount of hours worked per week is the same overall (44hr work week)

What do people do when they get home on weekdays and on weekends? I personally spent most of my time playing computer games or lying in bed watching videos, football etc. Even if you have family, doesn't mean you have to spend every second of your weekend/weekday evenings with them?

I agree that call is tiring, but not sure if working 8-5 on weekends or weekday evening shifts (till 9pm) is really that bad). I am in my late 30s (not exactly the youngest but I am single- disclaimer).

I am employed by a chain group on a 44hr contract, I know I don't earn as much as specialist or the mmeder ACs in ops/head of ops etc; but the pay is reasonably decent to support myself (at least). Honestly, I don't find the hrs that bad, and obviously I get to avoid all the admin work, teaching responsibility etc in the public sector.
precisely cos u single and relatively young.
when i am swinging single in my 20s work EOD overnight shift then go out drinking also can. Sleep 5 hours , drink kopi tilo then carry on. Stand there do 4 hour surgery also tank through.
now i 40s, sleep late 1 hour next day also lethargic liao.
got kids and aging parents. You want to spend time with both of them and evening shift and weekend really precious time.

teaching not bad what. bit gratifying. My fridge filled with tons of pictures with medical student and thank you cards over the years.

hired GP life is ok la. Decent salary for the work. To each his own.
reality is 12K or 15K your life no difference.
work is work, earn money , live your life well

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