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So 11A is AD, and MX10 is SAD/DD. I gather you prefer, and have the experience, to lead a team. Why don't you check if you will be doing so at the Ministry? It defers from Ministry to Ministry. When I was an AD I was leading a team of 5, but ADs at another Ministry might still be individual contributor.

That being said, the jump from MX11A to MX10 will not come fast unless you are exemplary and if bosses recognise your efforts. Internal rough guidelines for a promotion is 2Bs - that basically means two years before you can get from MX11A to MX10 EARLIEST. So obviously if the SFA position is MX10, it will shave years off your progression.
Indeed. Not easy to get promotion. Will be a rare case to get from MX11A to MX10 within 3 years. First year default C then need to get 2 Bs consecutively in the next 2 years. Iím thinking to just continue to lead teams outside and keep trying for MX10 roles.

The MX11A role is easier to get because the Director is an AO and former teammate, and she reached out to me because she needed help. And that departmentís DDs look set to stay there for 10 more years kind so there wonít be opening for promotions. Also AO wonít stay for long la. No guarantee I can move along with her alsoÖ

So I guess I answered my own question

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