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Originally Posted by haiz2006 View Post
Certis Cisco....HRM Division (Operation Supervisor/Team lead)

anybody noe about this position offer by Cisco??? izzit consider HR-skills?
izzit a good job? no need working experience at all , how can it be??

-Manage a team of up to 200 operation members
- Attend and make decisions relating to the ground operational assignments and manpower deployment matters
- Responsible for logistics, HR planning and on projects
- Handle training / on board programme, perform survey, appraisal, supervisory checks, operation framework and strategic planning for division
-Overall in charge of the operation team to implement and develop process and procedure

-------------Salary Package

Employees will be expecting the following benefits during the employment
Base Salary from $2700 to $3300.00 (Based on qualification)
AWS (1 month of your offered salary)
Transport allowances ($350 monthly)
Working Location: East & West area
This is confirm a generalist admin job. To make matters worse, it primarily deals with the lowest level of staff, i.e. O Level & below. I don't think you will learn anything really HR there. They just package doing sai gang for the secuirty guards / aux police as "manage 200 operations members"

Plus side is starting pay quite decent, but down side is this kind of job dead end before you even start, no prospects to advance in HR at all. FYI Certis average increase is 3%, promotion 6 to 8%, you do the maths and see what happen 5 yrs down the road.
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