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Default Big5 application

Hi all, looking to lateral into a larger firm that does corp

1. How advanced should I be starting to apply at Big 4/MLS/WKW/SLB/DRD if I hope to leave in May/June 2023. My notice period is 2 months.

2. I am currently in a small firm, corp with 1+ PQE going 2. Unfortunately by the time I was shortlisted to interview with a B4, I had already signed the contract with my current firm. I had to write back to B4 HR rejecting the interview. I felt it would be bad of me to attend the interview if I already signed my contract. Would I be blacklisted if I try reapply again. It would be almost a year since I turned down B4ís interview.

3. What about Lee and Lee or any FLA corp teams?

Grateful for seniors guidance as I donít see a future with my firm anymore.
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