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If you come in as consulting development analyst youíre not guaranteed to be aligned to S&C after you graduate out of TAP. ONLY those who are consulting analyst and under the change mgmt pod in TAP are confirmed and automatically aligned to S&C after they graduate out of TAP, thatís where you have your consulting offerings (Org strategy and design, talent strategy & development, hr transformation, leadership & culture, change mgmt). Reason why consulting analyst or senior analyst take on change management roles more often is because change management is the most basic of the 5 offerings and the other 4 offerings typically require at least a mgmt consultant level, besides the fact accenture has so many tech implementation projects. But if youíre not even part of S&C holding a strategy role or a consuming role, fat chance you even get to hold such roles.

Not sure why they market BA pod as consulting pod when itís not LMAO, and those consulting analyst end up in BA pod are not guaranteed a spot in S&C after TAP, only a portion of them and itís subject to availability. In case the tech people do not know, consulting analyst in BA pod end up holding exact same roles as business and integration analyst in projects which are the typical Business Analyst or even Developer role for some of them. Thatís the reason why when you apply and you specifically indicate you want consulting offer and in Change mgmt pod, hard to get. Some of course got this offer just nice when the pod is looking to bring in people, but if not usually every month they only bring in on average 5-6, some month as low as 1-3.
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