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This program only works for tech function, consulting analysts/senior analysts in TAP donít even get any benefit lmao. Back then when consulting program and technology program are separated, consulting analyst/snr analyst/consultants rank in a higher base salary than tech counterparts (donít fight me, getting a consulting offer is much more competitive than the tech offers and the hiring process vastly differs so this justifies the slightly higher salary). Even a Level 9 consultant under S&C has a much higher increment and salary. But now with this TAP, trying to balance S&C hires payÖ consulting people suffer lo. Same salary, yet hiring process also remain tougher not any easier LOL. Now with TAP, when you hit Level 9 and go back to S&C dte, your consultant salary is much lower as compared to the level 9 consultant salary for consulting back then when they didnít combine consulting into TAP.
Ya damn dumb like all new hires must go through TAP which donít even make sense. Ya 1 plus 2 promotion is fast for tech dte, but consulting dte when you promote form analyst you jump to consultant in 2 years or if longer itís 3 years but your salary and increment are higher. So this 1 plus 2 just hindering consulting analysts and senior analysts under this tap. But for those bus n integration ones then it will benefit a lot lah last time a lot analysts left cos stuck at analysts for 2 years, May be also thereís so many staffs under the tech dte

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